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While lesbian and gay parents have a long history, there is little precedence for In this thesis, I examine these claims in relation to one particular new family form, .. choices and constraints play out through family life at the beginning of the 21 st range of dilemmas and questions that must be weighed up and decided.

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There was a vacant restaurant out pad and a vacant bank out pad which blocked visibility to the center. There was an extensiveamount of deferred maintenance that needed to be addressed. Last, but not least, was the fear that Hastings, one of the anchor tenants, would be filingbankruptcy that became a reality. The shopping center is located in the northwest corridor of the retail district.

Halsey Thrasher Harpole believed this to be an opportunity to re-lease andre-energize this center.

Tenant rental rates were competitive and the cost of new construction at a different location was not economical. Halsey Thrasher Harpole had to secure this shopping center before those vacancies occurred. Theyneeded a team who could lease and manage the property and oversee the various construction projects that would be ongoing over the next 24 to 36months. They chose Halsey Thrasher Harpole Commercial Real Estate who immediately went to work leveraging working relationships with those tenantrepresentatives, surveying the market, and analyzing opportunities within the center to decrease vacancy.

They have proven to be relentless in their pursuit of success; and have shown to represent our interests even above their own when it comes totenant leasing. Their development and construction team have consistently produced ahead of schedule and at or below budgets. We could not be anyhappier with our partnership. Each apt. Laundry building for resident use. On busy S.

Caraway with high traffic volume - former El Acapulco building on approx 1 acre. Jonesboro Country Club. Loft apartment upstairs. Renee Blair reneeblair56 yahoo. This Prime land opportunity bedroom has a walk-in closet and vanity w sinkhas been rezoned C-3 L. Nice size living area, kitchen hasHospital, Shopping, Eatery's and new construction on Marriott a breakfast bar and eat-in kitchen with all theCourtyard. Just within minutes of Arkansas State University and across appliances.

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This is just one of Jonesboro's highest Patio with a large backyard that has a privacy fence. The carport also has a storage room. You could go it alone, but why bother when you can count on a pro! Each office is independently owned and operated. This farm was converted intoa hunting club and has food plots throughout along with 15 Located on the golf course in Ridgepointe Subdivision. A metal building barn was added to patio and heated salt water pool. The outdoor area is an oasis!

The master suite and a guest bedroom are located on the groundThis property also has virgin timber of approximately acres. The home features a beautiful billiard room, two homeApproximately acres are year round food plots. This beautiful, new construction home includes a fulland patio overlooking 5. Bonus room upstairs could be a unfinished walk-out basement— plumbed for a bathroom orthird bedroom. Screened in back patio and deck great for entertaining. I have been in the Real Rockport Get the students to analyse the results and propose what could be done to encourage safer behaviour.

Look at the aftermath of road crashes. Explore the aftermath of crashes. Ask pupils to write a fictional newspaper article about a crash caused by a young driver that caused a death and serious injuries, including interviews with a police officer who attended the scene, a bereaved family member and injured victim. Some may think that injuries are always minor or recoverable, so this can help them realise their severity. You could also ask pupils to research stories of road crashes and casualties online.

Study momentum. Why does it take vehicles longer to brake and stop if they are going at faster speed or are heavier? For example, if someone steps out six car lengths ahead, will a driver travelling at 30mph be able to stop in time? What about at 20mph? Use this to explore the difference it makes when drivers slow down, especially for the safety of people on foot and bike.

Not a blue wave, but an important splash

Study scientific improvements in road safety, such as seat belts, air bags, crash helmets, protective clothing for motorbike riders, reflective and fluorescent materials, variable speed limits on motorways. Devise science tests to demonstrate the effectiveness of such improvements, such as how reflective material glows in the dark when a light is shone on it. Stress that scientific improvements help to improve safety, but people also need to be committed to using roads safely. Survey local roads for hazards e.

Show these hazards and road safety measures on a map, or take photos or videos. Create a display for other pupils and parents. You can create your own custom maps for free or for a small cost for added customisation options using Google maps. This could be displayed and discussed in class using an interactive white board. Use it to discuss how pupils can take advantage of safety features and safer routes, and avoid hazards, and to discuss what changes could be made in the area to improve safety.

You could provide this as a report to your local authority, calling for road safety measures, and use this as the basis for a community campaign led by the students. Are they effective? Who are they aimed at? Do they get the message across well? If not, could you do any better?

Task the pupils with a creative project to develop their own road safety adverts, for example posters, billboards, bus-back adverts or films see below.

Create a poster, advert, film, or play about a road safety issue. A play could explore the temptations and pressures to take risks on roads, and the possible consequences. For example, being in a hurry, or being with friends who want to mess about on the road with a football, or being with older friends who want you to get in a car with a dangerous driver who speeds. You may be able to work with your local authority, emergency services or local businesses to get creative projects and road safety messages out in your local area, and read our guide to community campaigning on working to achieve road safety measures.

Statistically, this is an age group at a much higher risk of death and injury on the road than any other, and road crashes are the biggest killer of this age group.

Units of Study in Writing, Grades K-8

At this age, young people may be thinking about learning to drive, and older students may already be driving, so raising awareness about safe and sustainable road use for drivers, passengers, pedestrians and cyclists, and helping young people to consider their travel options, is essential. Analyse the benefits and disadvantages of different modes of travel, including walking, cycling, cars and public transport. Explore issues such as safety, pollution, congestion, noise, health, and the well-being of communities. What are the barriers that may prevent people from choosing safer and more sustainable modes of travel?

What can be done to encourage more active and sustainable travel? Explore in-depth a set of statistics relating to road casualties, over a period of years. Look for increases or decreases and explore the possible reasons for these.

1. What is the Zoning on the Property?

For example, look at the large number of deaths on roads of motorbikers, or the large number of young people involved in road crashes. Using the above statistics, explore the risks of dying on roads using different modes of transport. For example, on average, everyone stands a one in chance of dying on the road.

Do people know the risks are this high? Would they take more care if they did? The risks of dying on a train or in an aeroplane are significantly lower. Almost three times as many people are killed on roads compared with people killed by murder and manslaughter.

Estate Planning

What can be done to improve behaviour of road users? Pick topics that will have direct relevance to young people. For example, what are the dangers of driving on drugs or alcohol, or speeding? Are there some issues that lots of people misunderstand, like the dangers of using a hands-free phone kit at the wheel, or driving after one or two drinks? Should there be more advertising campaigns? Or tougher laws and enforcement? What can be done to help people understand the risks and get into safer habits? Use an initial discussion to spur a creative project or campaign by the students to try to persuade others to use roads more safely, or call for a road safety measure by the authorities see below.

Explore reasons for reductions in casualties and whether these reductions may have been brought about by people behaving more safely, or road and vehicle technology, or improvements to the law and enforcement, such as crash protection features in vehicles, speed cameras, better awareness and enforcement of drink drive laws. Get the students to consider and write manifestos setting out what they think the government should do next, aiming ultimately to reduce road deaths and serious injuries to zero.