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When you prepare your Defense to defend against Trips Formations, start by focusing on what you need to stop first. In High School and Youth Football, that He has written numerous football coaching articles in various publications, is the author of over 30 books on coaching football, and has produced Coach provides illustrations on how to read guards, near back, and fill point Pressure is not only running through gaps, but it is quickness in execution and arriving at the ball. When opposing coaches look at the These Dogs use word calls that identify the defenders involved and the blitz numbering system to Jam: Both Ends and Inverts execute stunt 2.

Jam Weak: Backside End and Rover execute stunt 3. Jam Strong: Callside End and Sam execute stunt 4. Coach provides terms and descriptions he uses to install techniques and responsibilities when incorporating zone blitzes into the 3. This presentation provides illustrations and teaching landmarks versus different offensive formations to assist in Pinch: Both Ends and Inverts execute stunt 5. Coach Mitchell begins his presentation explaining his Blitzing techniques that he incorporates into his defensive approach starting with the blitz techniques for inside Linebackers followed by the outside Linebackers or over hang players.

Coach Mitchell breaks down blitz levels and blitz terminology. This presentation also explains line stunts and calls with combinations Swarm Defense David Jacobs Former Assistant at Illinois Coach Jacobs begins his power point presentation by explaining his Defensive philosophy and how their defensive objectives will be accomplished.

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Coach Explains his swarm squad goals followed by his tackling philosophy that he explains in complete detail. Coach Jacobs explains how he studies offenses which will influence his defensive game plans. In the age of spread offenses, you need those more athletic linebackers to keep up. The Longhorns are in a spread set with five blockers in the box. With a mobile quarterback capable of pulling the ball on an option concept, Texas has a 7-on-5 advantage in the box.

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Georgia is willing to give up those numbers in order to maintain a plus-one advantage in coverage to both sides. That leaves Georgia at a disadvantage in the box, but the Mint front, with those two ends lined up in the B gap, allows it to remain sound against the run and hold Texas to a minimal gain…. For NFL defenses, charged with stopping high-powered passing attacks, that is the dream scenario.

Well, with that hybrid player aligned on the line of scrimmage in the Mint front, you still get that fourth rusher that traditional fronts provide. And every NFL team has an edge rusher.

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That pass-rush specialist … I think that front in particular. That multiplicity was a major sticking point for Smart following his conversation with Orlando. Alabama had lacked multiplicity against the spread, but the Mint front would fix the problem. When you got three guys down, you now have the multiple of eight that can come from anywhere or any place. We felt like that, defensively, made us better. With more guys standing up, defenses are able to vary their pressure patterns. And college coaches, like Aranda, have figured out ways to scheme up pressure without having to send an extra rusher or two, which I wrote about in-depth earlier this offseason.

So on this play, the quarterback has to take into account possible rushes from the four linemen, both linebackers and potentially the nickel back.

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  • The defense is still stressing the protection as it does when sending a blitz, only with seven defenders in coverage. Georgia started running these sim pressures in They are some form of zone or Cover 1 with a hole player. Combined with these simulated pressures, the Mint front can provide NFL defensive coaches with everything they need to help slow down modern offenses: A sound run defense, the numbers needed to get more complex in coverage and safe pressure on the quarterback.

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    That all sounds good on paper, but football games are played on grass, where talent is still the biggest determining factor in who wins and losses. Difference between man blocking and zone blocking. Zone blocking first started to take place back when teams ran an old slant and angle defense. They would line head-up on an offensive lineman then slant the defense one way or another. It is easy to show this problem in man blocking and the best way to illustrate it is to show the defensive end pinching inside. If you are in man blocking and the tackle is assigned to the defensive end, he not only misses the defensive end pinching, but the DE knocks off the guard and keeps him from going to the linebacker.

    There are different kinds of zone plays and you will often here the term the outside zone. In the figure below, we show the landmark of the back in the outside zone. It is obvious that at the angle the back takes the ball there is very little opportunity for the back to cut back behind the center. This affects all of the linemen's techniques because it is predetermined where the ball is going. The inside zone is another term you hear. On the inside zone, the back's angle is more to the inside leg of the offensive tackle. Because the back is headed in a more straight-ahead angle, there is now the ability for the back to cut back behind the center.

    Offensive Field Guide

    It is important that the back gets into the heels of the offensive linemen before he makes the cut. The offensive line can't allow penetration.

    Pass blocking Zone or Man Zone-locking or man-locking principles may also be applied to pass blocking. Offensive linemen, when facing twisting defensive linemen, can also either lock on man-to-man or pass it off in a zone concept. When passing it off, or zone blocking, the key is to stop the penetration of the defensive end.

    Urban Meyer breaks down Ohio State's zone blocking scheme - URBAN'S PLAYBOOK - CFB ON FOX

    In the figure below, the offensive tackle must stop the penetrating defensive end before passing him off to the guard. The offensive tackle then takes the defensive tackle looping around. Conclusion Zone blocking was created to handle moving defensive linemen. It is a simple concept, but it takes a lot of practice because it involves offensive linemen working in unison and decisions have to be made while the play is taking place. In zone blocking, you don't have a lot of different assignments, but you have a lot of techniques.

    Unlocking the mysteries of college football’s new favorite defense

    It takes many repetitions to get the feel of working together as a unit. The diversity of zone blocking comes by the back running different angles and by the offense using different formations to confuse the defense. Please keep sending in the questions and we'll tackle as many issues as we can this season. Here are a few of your questions regarding Cover Which college teams this year are devising the best attack schemes to defeat the Cover 2 zone coverage and could you give some examples from some of the "September" games?

    Brian Burnett Colorado Springs, Colo. Bob Davie: I don't have a specific example from this year, but I think there are a couple of concepts. The first depends on having a great tight end, like Miami last year. In this case, you try to get the tight end up the seam on the linebacker.

    Most teams attack Cover 2 the same way. Something I didn't mention is that when a defense deploys four defenders in Cover 2, that leaves a 7-man front.