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While lesbian and gay parents have a long history, there is little precedence for In this thesis, I examine these claims in relation to one particular new family form, .. choices and constraints play out through family life at the beginning of the 21 st range of dilemmas and questions that must be weighed up and decided.

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Before you start reading, have you bookmarked Mania. Also, do you Twitter? If not, you should! Action may be a male-dominated genre but there is no shortage of woman who have taken up the mantle of action star. This week I thought we could take a look at some the best potential stars of this lady-led explosion-fest in the making.

The Expendables battle pirates - in court - as judge blocks stolen copies of film

Caveat: The only real criteria that I used for this one was simple: prominence in the action genre. I will note that I tried to consider if certain actresses would go for it. Angelina Jolie, for example, is one of the foremost women in the genre and is considered by many to be the A-List action star. It must also be noted that this was, outside of the Comic Book Movie Heroes and Villains list, the most difficult to narrow down.

Without exaggeration, upon initial compiling of my list I ended up with forty potential choices. As it is, I am breaking my usual limit of three for Honorable Mention so I can include five, just to fit a couple more names on. First up on the list is someone who may not be the most well-known actress in Hollywood, but has one of the more extensive action resumes out there. Bell was for me the highlight of Death Proof and has done well in all of her acting roles; she would be perfect for a movie like this, which would need some women who can legitimately kick ass without needing to have the stunt people come in for them.

Top 10 Actors That Need to be in The Expendables 4: Countdown - Movie Mercs

A role in something like this could easily be the gateway to do just that. One of the great things about The Expendables is the opportunity to see the great action stars of the past interacting with the action starts of the current generation. There are few women among the action genre who represents the stars of the past like Pam Grier.

I could actually see her playing the villain in the film sending a group of minions like Zhang Ziyi, Gina Torres, Gina Carano and the person three places ahead of her on this list out against the heroes and then getting an ultimate face-off with the lead. Michelle Rodriguez has the best sneer in film today.

Of all the women on this list, there is no one who just exudes the definition of bad-ass in every move, every word the way that Rodriguez does. Few actresses have as many running franchises to their name as Rodriguez; she will be seen in three separate action sequels in the next nine months.

Expendables Movie Franchise Spotlight: Action Heroes Unite

She brings the credentials and the star power that a film like this would need. But by no means does that make her an insignificant choice.

When imagining potential cast members for this film, Cynthia Rothrock was literally the first option that popped into my head. Rothrock has the physical skills without a doubt; she is a five-time World Karate Champion and holds six black belts in different martial arts.

Women in Film & TV Unite for ‘Stand Up 4 Her’

That was how she was discovered, and she proceeded to break the mold of what an action heroine was capable of. All actresses who have broken into the genre after owe Rothrock a huge debt and even if she never quite broke into the Hollywood era of success, she established a reputation that, for me at least, basically makes her the female Chuck Norris.

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However, there are rumblings that she may return to doing a bit of acting with the rise of appreciation for s action that The Expendables brought about. If said rumors are true, this would certainly be the perfect place for her.

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  • Kate Beckinsale is one of the two most prominent current action stars. There are no ifs, ands or buts about it. All of these made her a strong choice, but what sealed the deal for me was, perhaps oddly to some, her work as Lori in the recently-released Total Recall remake.

    The Ten Best ‘Guy’ Films

    I know some people who very much enjoy it and some who dislike it, but pretty much everyone agrees that Beckinsale was the best thing about the film. To give the Covenant back their bomb. Snake has seen his fair share of combat. In fact, he was genetically engineered for it.

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    Sometimes, the plot needs a small injection of actual coherence. Far from the explosive exploits of many video game heroes, Freeman uses physics and scientific pursuits to get the job done. But when the time comes, he delivers his lines with gusto. No ensemble cast is complete without a little bit of sex appeal. And somehow, despite numerous explosions and death-defying set piece moments, Nathan Drake always manages to look good. His outfit is always impeccable, he never has a hair out of place, and his smile is one of the deadliest weapons of all.

    When battling angels and demons in a variety of dimensions, it helps to keep a level head. Like half the cast of The Expendables, the characters in Gears of War have an uncomfortable supply of body mass. As long as he can take a break from his steroid-fueled workout sessions, who would be better to lead the cast into a montage of heated firefights?