So Dark the Night

While lesbian and gay parents have a long history, there is little precedence for In this thesis, I examine these claims in relation to one particular new family form, .. choices and constraints play out through family life at the beginning of the 21 st range of dilemmas and questions that must be weighed up and decided.

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This future revelation will be the return of the fear of God to this earth. In chapter seven the throne is still central to the scene. John saw them in this unfolding drama presentation.


With the Throne of God visible for all creation to witness, Satan has a short future. Please keep in mind that John is witnessing this with his own eyes, but, clearly under a great anointing of the Holy Ghost. The victorious , chosen of Israel are seen before the Throne of the Father in chapter fourteen. In chapter sixteen an unclean spirit begins to gather the vast army to fight for the Antichrist at Armageddon. Joseph C. I never considered that God on his throne might be visible during the Tribulation, but Revelation could very mwell ean just that. Somehow those seeking to bury themselves in the ground are aware of who is causing the judgments.

Note that Revelation tells us that the new heaven and earth are created first before the New Jerusalem arrives. I suppose the closest thing we can think of would be trying to get matter and antimatter to co-exist. Each completely annihiliates the other. This is not to say the New Jerusalem is made of antimatter, but just that our universe which is subject to increasing disorder entropy.

Throne of God

If allowed to continue uninterrupted will just become a very dark and cold place. There are even theories that matter itself will eventually break down and cease to exist. But the Bible tells us that God will definitely intervene long before that. When recreates the universe, it will certainly operate on totally different physical laws than this one does.

And I and every true believer got to be there as well. Beautiful article, as usual, you always give us a taste of Heaven while we are still on earth, Really our hearts ache for our temporary separation from our Redeemer and long to be with Him.

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Keep those excellent article coming until we all very soon meet in person. Rev Blessed is the one who reads the words of this prophecy, and blessed is the one who hears it and take to heart what is written in it,…. We need to encourage one another so that we can share honest thoughts.

Only in our day can we see the expanse of the universe and understand that the Bible fortold much of what we now call science and only till recently now know. Pastor; i agree the Grand stage in the Heavens is being readied and very soon those signs in the heavens the Lord spoke of as well. Increasing disorder Ed has a point; maybe entropy is like death to matter, as Satan is the lord of death to those who sin all of us.

God’s Throne, Set Above the Earth | Paw Creek Ministries

So just like that, everything dies. What is happening is a result of the original disorder finally becoming Absolute Desolation. Again, as always, you bring the scriptures to life. Thank you. God has woven beauty and power and wisdom and love into all of these things; the sights and sounds of creation testify to the existence and wisdom and goodness and power of a Creator.


God, who made all things, chose to display His invisible attributes in creation. That glory streams into us, mostly by our eyesight, but through all our senses. Normal vision which healthy eyes present to our minds of the glories of God in creation is similar to a higher vision, that of faith, which Almighty God grants to believers.

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The vision of faith is the ability to see not only the physical worlds as created by an invisible Creator so we see it differently, but also to see a spiritual realm beyond the barrier between us and that world. By faith we are able to penetrate the realm in which He lives, in which He rules, in which He is continually worshipped. This spiritual vision is granted as a gift by the sovereign grace of God. It is based on Scripture. Faith comes by hearing the word, which testifies to us of the invisible realms of the Spirit world that is soaring infinitely above us all.

What is the Great White Throne Judgment in Revelation?

This spiritual vision of faith is what will allow us to follow the Apostle John on an incredible journey that he took almost two millennia ago. John describes a stunning miraculous journey by the Spirit, from the surface of the earth, upward through the realms of the atmosphere, through a mysterious doorway, into the very throne room of God. We, by faith, will follow him to see what he saw. From that lofty heavenly perspective, we will see the earth and all of its events, including our own lives, in a wholly different light, with a new perspective.

We ourselves will be humbled, if we read and listen rightly. We will be empowered to serve Him with great courage and energy rather than fearing man or any of our enemies, including Satan and his demons. We will be empowered to do great things that will last and have significance for all eternity. The rest of the Book of Revelation will unfold from this heavenly perspective. Revelation — amazing chapters — should be read as one unit. They give us an unprecedented glimpse into the throne room of God and the purpose of all creation, which is the worship of God the Creator in all His glory —His infinitely majestic person and His astonishingly great achievements.

That is why we exist, that we might worship such a God. Creation and redemption together form redemptive history.

Both these visions will culminate in heavenly worship and will invite us up out of our immediate mundane lives to be lifted up by faith, through the Spirit, into the heavenly realms, so that we might render to God a sacrifice of praise of worship continually, even while living our earthly lives. You have made them to be a kingdom and priests to serve our God, and they will reign on the earth. The essence of worship is the worthiness of the one being worshiped. These two chapters impart a deep sense of the worthiness of God and Christ.

These two chapters begin with a timeless invitation through the Holy Spirit to join the Apostle John on a spiritual flight, a journey no one had ever made or described before. Let us first review those three chapters: The Apostle John was in exile on the Island of Patmos because of his faithful, bold proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ as a tender shepherd of the churches of Christ.

He was punished by exile, not by death, on the rocky island of Patmos, off the coast of Asia Minor, modern day Turkey. When he turned around, he saw the resurrected, glorified Christ, radiant, moving among seven golden lampstands, which represented seven real local churches in Asia Minor: Ephesus, Smyrna, Pergamum, Thyatira, Sardis, Philadelphia, and Laodicea. In Revelation , we have His direct addresses to the seven churches, through which He speaks to all churches through time.


It is right for us to begin with Christ and His church, because that is the point of everything that the Lord is doing in redemptive history. After the first vision, what did John see? In other words, John was describing something that he had never seen before, and suddenly now he was seeing it. It seems, then, that there is a type of membrane or barrier between the physical, five-sense world that we live in and perceive as reality, and the spiritual realm beyond it that cannot be perceived by science or the five senses but which believers know by faith is there.

There are many more verses that speak to this barrier. In this wall, this barrier, suddenly, behold, John sees an open door, lofty, above him up in the heavens.

This is a picture of the infinite loftiness of God. When Jesus prayed, He looked up. John sees a lofty door into Heaven above him. What did John hear? We read this to be the voice of the Lord Jesus Christ, because when John turned around, he saw Jesus, and there is a strong implication in those verses that the one he saw was the one who had spoken. The command is clear. It is an invitation from Jesus Christ to a sinful human being to rise up and leave the surface of planet earth and come to Heaven to partake in the heavenly life.

When Jesus makes this promise, he is not speculating about what might take place but is declaring what most certainly will take place. God is a king. His kingly sovereignty is the key to His predictive power. In Isaiah, God frequently declares His sovereign power over the nations; He challenged the idols to predict the future but they could not, because God alone is sovereign. God rules over all the nations, not just some of them. He sits enthroned above the circle of the earth, and all of its people are like grasshoppers. The nations are like a drop from the bucket and like dust on the scales.

For the Lord Almighty has purposed, and who can thwart him? His hand is stretched out, and who is able to turn it back? We are presented with a great deal of prophecy about the future in Revelation.