So Dark the Night

While lesbian and gay parents have a long history, there is little precedence for In this thesis, I examine these claims in relation to one particular new family form, .. choices and constraints play out through family life at the beginning of the 21 st range of dilemmas and questions that must be weighed up and decided.

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The 15-Year Evolution Of Leonard Cohen’s ‘Hallelujah’

Video of an Oakland train employee saving a man's life is so insane, it looks like CGI. One of the stadium's few positive aspects is its connection to public transportation. A year-old woman was reunited with the Jewish family she helped hide during the Holocaust. Health 04 Nov. Lifestyle 04 Nov. Health The FDA is issuing cancer warnings on breast implants, because they're finally listening to women. Politics A viral mashup of Obama and Trump announcing the deaths of terrorists is both funny and sad.

Nothing is beyond His repair and forgiveness and restoration. Nothing is beyond His wild and ravishing love.

LANCO - Greatest Love Story (Official Video)

And a million thank yous for all your love and support over the years. I could not have written this without you. Can you post a link? Hey Jennifer! Hope that helps!! All the Pretty Things arrived in the mail yesterday. I fell asleep last night with your book on my chest — over my heart — where I carry you and yours. Thank you for this memoir. For pouring out your heart and soul on every page. I love you all. What a treat to see you this summer and hug your neck. Sending you all our love. Though I just cried my way through this post so I may be a weepy mess while reading.

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I have been reading this blog for many many years and always felt a deeper story was there. That is sure to only be magnified by the release of your truth in book form. Praying many blessings and His perfect peace upon you as your heart is released to the world.

Easter Rendition Of Leonard Cohen's Song "Hallelujah"

Our world is a better place for your transparency. Much love and continued prayers…. I just got notification that my copy was delivered this morning. You are continuously one that delivers His word to me. I know your book will touch so many lives, including mine.

Love to you and your people! Thank you for your love and your bravery and your honesty, edie.

A letter in response to Alex Ross’s article (November 12, 2012)

I will be buying your book asap! I have found in the bottom of the pit is where we learn to embrace our true selves, in all of our mess and brokenness, and cling to our Savior who sits with us in there and who promises to bring us out again. Praying that you will experience no shame as your story is shared, but be awed by the power of God to use your life to bring glory to the Lord Jesus.

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Much love to you, my sister! We drove home from our vacation last night to find the welcome of a burgeoning box of mail and your book was right on top!

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I quickly read the last chapter of my holiday read, done, check. I made a cup of tea and settled in to read the first chapter. I know already this book will break my heart wide open. It is a work of love and it shows from the first page. Edie, you are a gem. You are a precious soul and your generosity in writing this book will bless so many people… I feel it in my bones. Three years is a long gestation period, but it reads so well!

Your voice is vivid, your soul is evident, your story is immediately captivating. Your editors done you right. Thank you so much for taking the time to encourage. Mucho love. I just finished your book. It was a balm to my soul. Thank you for sharing your heart, soul and life. I pre-ordered mine through Amazon, and it was at the end of May. I am looking forward to reading it when it ships in October! Edie, I got your book in the mail yesterday and just finished it. I got online to tell you thank you for writing it. I am nowhere near as good with words as you are, but I want you to understand the multitude of places in my heart and on my soul your story has reached.

My story is different from yours in many ways, but in the deeper ways I feel like we share some common threads.