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While lesbian and gay parents have a long history, there is little precedence for In this thesis, I examine these claims in relation to one particular new family form, .. choices and constraints play out through family life at the beginning of the 21 st range of dilemmas and questions that must be weighed up and decided.

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How about non-fiction books you've read recently? You may have a wide range of different interests , or you might find that all your reading focuses on one general area i. What about your hobbies? Write these all down. While you might not want to start writing blog posts about your actual job, you might find that there are elements of your jobs or hobbies that you do want to blog about, or a core thread that ties several elements of your life together. From Digital Photography School teaching people how to take better photos Money Mustache teaching people how to save up a stash of money so they can retire early both of which we'll talk about in the profitable blog niche examples below.

All of these are accomplishments that other people would love to have—and you could blog about how you achieved them.

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By now, you should have at least a loose idea in mind for a niche to blog about—or perhaps a few different ideas for niches you could see yourself testing out. Now, how do you know if your niche will actually translate into a successful blog that can attract readers? The problem with this approach, is that in addition to facing stiff competition, your interest will likely diminish over time. While you may think your personal level of interest is relatively unimportant I couldn't be more serious about the importance of only choosing to blog about topics you find interesting.

You want to choose a topic that you know a reasonable amount about. At least enough to hold a conversation on the subject. Readers will also expect that you have at least some degree of experience ideally expertise within your blog niche. After all, would you want to learn cooking tips from someone who struggles to boil an egg, or blog SEO strategies from someone whose website never ranked above page 10 on Google?

In certain blog niches though, readers will expect a degree of educational or professional qualifications. To establish whether or not a paying audience exists for your blog niche in question, ask yourself:. This is where blogging tools like one of my favorite free keyword planners, Twinword Ideas come in to play. Use Twinword Ideas to not only check monthly search volume for the keywords you'll be blogging about, but get suggestions on other popular terms related to your niche. Any good keyword research tool will also suggest tons of other related keywords that you can evaluate.

While some blogs do manage to succeed while focusing on ephemeral trends, it takes time to build a popular blog.

This is often the case with new social networks or with company initiatives: look at what happened to Google Authorship , for instance. If a new trend nicely rolls up into the greater niche you want to cover though, that's a great opportunity to get in early on creating content on the subject. Google Trends is a handy way to get a snapshot of public interest in a particular topic. Take for instance this trend graph on the popularity of blogging. News content might be highly interesting for a short period of time, but quickly fades as other events transpire.

While there are, plenty of blogs that mainly publish news still, the opportunities for evergreen content make it easier to grow your site. Instead of having to constantly publish new content to attract readers, your evergreen content can work hard at bringing people to your blog. If your niche is going to rely on lots of fresh content to be published on a regular basis, think hard about whether you can do it justice.

Most news-focused blogs have a team of writers working for them, so they can keep up with the latest news and developments. Write down as many blog post ideas as you can. Because if your blog begins to get traction, you'll eventually be writing a hell of a lot more than just 50 articles.

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As a lower-barrier option, you can set up a free Medium account or take to LinkedIn and write your test guest posts there to see how people in your network respond. This is a great way to test out whether you enjoy writing about your blog niche—and it can also allow you to get some real-life feedback from readers about your content. Another free, and straightforward, way to test out your niche is to create a Facebook page or group. This page or group is a great destination to share interesting links, ask questions and share tips relating to your niche.

5 Profitable Low-Content Book Niches to Try

If you can attract a decent number of fans or group members to come and interact with you here, you'll also find a continual source of new content ideas. For example, my roundup of the best web hosting plans for bloggers is a test into a new niche hosting. Here are eight real profitable niche blog examples to show you it's possible to generate an audience and business in many different industries. This huge blog, founded and run by Darren Rowse of ProBlogger fame, covers a wide range of material related to digital photography, with posts ranging from beginner-friendly to more advanced tutorials on everything from gear to photo editing and more.

DPS is an awesome example of how to pick a niche to blog about when you want to turn a real passion into a profitable outlet.

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  8. This massive, multi-author blog takes on all sorts of topics related to parenting—which is, of course a very wide niche. Articles are written in the first person, in a laid back way that often references pop culture—so it has a much more personal and relatable feel than many other sites in the parenting space that come off as very professorial. It focuses this niche by concentrating solely on very small businesses, often one person, or perhaps one person plus an assistant or two. This blog niche has a lot of growth potential in the years to come as more and more people around the world take to running their own solo businesses.

    This is a great example of how to pick a niche to blog about, with the ultimate goal of building a greater business beyond just content creation down the line.

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    This is a great example of a blog that successfully combines two large niches to find a focus and an audience. Proof that blogs can grow large despite or even because of rather idiosyncratic naming decisions, Mr Money Mustache is a well-known blog in the Financial Independence, Retire Early niche. With long, intermittent posts and a strong voice, this blog covers some similar ground to other personal finance blogs, but with a core philosophy and explicit style that's weaved in throughout absolutely everything on the site.

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    This blogger made a very pointed decision when it came to his decision on how to pick a niche to blog about within the crowded personal finance space—one that's created a lasting brand for him to reap the rewards from for years to come. With a reputation for quality, plus a growing suite of products, Copyblogger has carved out a great niche within the "writing about writing" world. If you're ready to test out your blog niche and get moving, then head over to my ultimate guide to starting a blog.

    Full-time blogger, podcaster and side project aficionado. Join me here, on ryrob. Very nice positioning for starting a niche blog. So I am Interested in Tech blogging such as mobile tips and tricks, mobile apps but I have a problem, here is a very high competition. Recently I started a new tech blog but my traffic is very low. What I do now? Great question too. All the while, your blog will also be growing in domain authority—which will steadily make it easier to rank for more competitive terms too.

    Niche blogs can be great, I love the idea of going really deep into a topic and providing a ton of value. I usually recommend the opposite approach! I am a very interested in doing a 1 on 1 business consult via phone or webchat if possible.

    Niche Publishing: Publish Profitably Every Time! by Gordon Burgett

    Hey Brian! Not seeing anything from you in my inbox yet. Hi Ryan! I have learned a lot from your article which is full of knowledge and reasoning and this led me to understand where I was wrong. Actually, I created a blog wp sometime back with health and wellness as the niche.

    I wrote some articles but there were almost no readers. I personally have been suffering from diabetes for the last twenty-five years.

    Amazon Niche Selection - Which Self Publishing Niche is Best for You?

    Now, can I change my blog niche henceforth as I have some ideas about diabetic management. Would you please help me with some ideas. Thanks and regards, Kalyan Ghosh. I can definitely help you out with generating some fresh ideas for blog posts to write on your site. Love this.

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    6. Picking a niche is smart for everyone who want to succeed in a blog. And if someone wants to start blogging, you can start with free platforms like a WordPress website and start right away. I completely agree! I wish I had this content before starting many blogs and businesses. While niche publishing and conventional publishing differ hardly at all in the writing, editing, and production phases, the marketing could hardly be more different, especially when it comes to the when and the how. Conventional publishers seriously warm up their selling machine when a book is in the editing stage; niche publishers have finished their most important marketing before the book is even written.

      So let me expand on that, to tell why the marketing cart gleefully goes before the horse, discuss advantages and disadvantages of niche publishing, and share some brief how-to thoughts. A quick qualifier: my wee publishing venture has made about two thirds of its money producing products mostly books for dentists and K—12 school administrators—my niches, although I know almost nothing from participating directly in either.

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      I find and guide passionate writers who do participate. Most of the rest of our publishing income comes from books for freelance mostly travel writers and small mostly niche publishers. A niche is a group with a collective bond proudly shared, like bus drivers, Giants fans, urologists, and maybe hat blockers. Conventional publishers: enter at your peril. We are territorial and are set up to serve groups like this in ways you could never be. Why do we keep niche publishing?