So Dark the Night

While lesbian and gay parents have a long history, there is little precedence for In this thesis, I examine these claims in relation to one particular new family form, .. choices and constraints play out through family life at the beginning of the 21 st range of dilemmas and questions that must be weighed up and decided.

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This difficult situation was alleviated when Isaac sold the Prophet 13 acres of land a short distance away. A house of his own provided Joseph with added freedom of access to the gold plates. It was there that he was enabled to prepare the transcript of characters and their accompanying definitions which Martin Harris took to learned men in eastern New York during February The day following the departure of Martin for Palmyra, Emma gave birth to their first child.

The little one, identified as Alvin in the family Bible, did not survive his birth. This was a most difficult season on the Susquehanna. The sleepless ministrations of Joseph and exhaustive efforts of her mother, Elizabeth, gradually nurtured Emma back to health. The Prophet then made a hurried trip to Manchester to ascertain why Martin had been delayed beyond the agreed time. Following this strong rebuke, Moroni took from him the gold plates and the Urim and Thummim for a season.

Not hearing from their son for nearly two months, and worried at his state of mind when last seen, Father and Mother Smith traveled to Harmony and spent more than three months there during the winter of — Lucy recalled the joy which they experienced when they learned that the plates and the Urim and Thummim had been restored to their son on 22 September She also recorded a choice expression exchanged between Moroni and Joseph at the moment of return.

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They were pleasantly situated, and lived in good style. Joseph Smith Sr. Doctrine and Covenants 4 was the resultant revelation, which became a personal guide to that grand patriarch and to countless others across the years. Martin Harris was no longer allowed to act as scribe, which required finding another to perform that labor.

The Prophet said that his brother Samuel and Emma gave some limited service to fill the void. Emma mentioned that her brother Reuben Hale helped. His supplication was heard, for Oliver Cowdery, a schoolteacher in Manchester District 11, was given a heavenly manifestation of the validity of the work while boarding at the Joseph Smith Sr.

Joseph Smith’s Susquehanna Years

Oliver was fully satisfied that his assistance as scribe was a direct call from the Lord and commenced his labors with Joseph on 7 April. The Lord not only furnished a scribe but also provided for the physical necessities of the Prophet and his household. On more than one occasion the Joseph Knight Sr. And when I came home I bought some nine or ten bushels of grain and five or six bushels [of] taters [potatoes], and … I went down to see him and they were in want.

Joseph and Oliver were gone to see if they could find a place to work for provisions, but found none. They returned home and found me there with provisions, and they were glad, for they were out. While translating 3 Nephi, the Prophet Joseph and Oliver Cowdery went into the wilderness along the banks of the Susquehanna on 15 May and in supplication to the Lord asked for guidance relative to priesthood authority and the power to baptize. Oliver left a moving description of the majestic sensations which they felt at the wondrous moment when John the Baptist responded to their cry in the wilderness and conferred upon them the Aaronic Priesthood:.

The heavenly messenger informed the Prophet Joseph Smith and Oliver Cowdery that he had been sent by the ancient Apostles Peter, James, and John and that they would be the recipients of the keys of the Melchizedek Priesthood under the hands of these ancient gospel ministrants. Mobocracy reared its persistent head in Harmony as the translation of the Book of Mormon was nearing completion.

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As an elder in the local Methodist Episcopal Church, he felt the necessity of contending against those who might threaten any inroads into the flock. Unfortunately the danger escalated to more than mere idle threats. The Prophet requested Oliver to write to his friend David Whitmer in Seneca County, New York, to see if the Whitmers could provide them a safe place to complete their labors with the gold plates. During the month of June the translation was completed, a copyright filed, and initial arrangements commenced for printing the Book of Mormon.

When the problems of publication were worked out with Egbert B. Eleven days later the Church was officially organized at the Peter Whitmer farm on 6 April.

Joseph Smith’s Susquehanna Years

That same month Joseph and others made a concentrated proselyting effort at the Joseph Knight Sr. Knight and his family were Universalists, but were willing to reason with me upon my religious views, and were as usual friendly and hospitable. We held several meetings in the neighborhood; we had many friends, and some enemies. Our meetings were well attended, and many began to pray vocally to Almighty God, that He would give them wisdom to understand the truth.

Amongst those who attended our meetings regularly, was Newel Knight, son of Joseph Knight. Newel Knight was apparently the first of his family and the Colesville Saints to join the Church. During the last week in May he visited the Whitmer farm in Fayette and was baptized by David Whitmer.

Most Knight family members and friends, however, were converted and baptized near their homes.

A number of converts applied for baptism at that time. A dam was made by the brethren on the stream coming out of Pickerel Pond and running down to the Susquehanna on the Joseph Knight Sr. However, their enemies tried to intervene by breaking down the dam and releasing the water. It is noteworthy that Emma Smith was among those entering the water on this occasion.

Oliver Cowdery performed the ordinance for her and others, including Joseph Knight Sr. As the baptisms were concluded, they were greeted by a hostile spectacle. Joseph Knight Jr. Father employed the same lawyers who cleared him there. While the Prophet Joseph Smith was detained by the court officers, Emma found some comfort at the home of her sister, Elizabeth Hale Wasson, who lived in the adjoining township of Windsor with her husband, Benjamin.

Joseph was exonerated of the charges in both instances. Joseph Knight Sr.


Because the evening meeting which followed the Colesville baptisms was interrupted by the arresting constable, Emma Smith and Sally Coburn Knight were among those who had not yet been confirmed members of the Church. It was on this occasion that the Prophet was met by a heavenly messenger as he went out to procure wine for the sacrament.

The spirit of the Lord was poured out upon us. We praised the God of Israel and rejoiced exceedingly.

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  • At the end of August they made their move. For Emma it was a particularly heartrending moment.

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    As circumstances developed this proved to be the last time that she would share the embrace of her parents or visit the grave of her infant son. He also conveyed his own wife and an unmarried daughter, Polly, with him. Time is a zero-sum game. Then go find it. Delegate : Should I be doing this job at all? Tasks in your Drudgery and Disinterest Zones should be delegated. The items in your Distraction Zone may be harder to let loose of since you enjoy them even though you are not the most proficient at them. Better to give them over to someone who can do them much better.

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    Emma Hale’s Parents Move to Harmony

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